Harmony Hills Andalusians

venia quod vis

Harmony Hill Juno

2014 filly our of Branca HM by Rubi AR,

photo by Flash Pony

Harmony Hills IRubicon

2013 colt out of Branca HM by Rubi AR

Lusitanos and Iberians

 Branca HM

In 2010 our very  first Lusitano mare arrived from the USA. The lovely Branca HM was bred in Brazil by Harras Modelo and exported to the United States of America as a youngster, where we purchased her as a four year old. She is by the Brazilian Working Equitation Champion Othelo do Retiro and has proven to be incredibly rideable and a fantastic broodmare.

As a double dilute (perlino) her colour genetics guarantee that all her offspring will inherit her cream gene, producing either buckskins or double dilutes depending on the sire used.  

Branca has incredible uphill movement and the sweetest nature. She certainly passed those qualities to the first few foals she has produced for us, adding considerable size to the attributes.